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Beat Hazard is an exciting space shooter where music plays a key role
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Beat Hazard is an awesome space shooter in which the gameplay is marked by the rhythm of the music. It is a game that challenges you to survive until the end of a song, by fighting and destroying enemies with your ship. Similarly to Audio Surf, in Beat Hazard it is your own music which marks the game rhythm, so the groovier and faster the song, the more exciting and intense the game gets.
Using the W,A,S, and D keys or the arrows to control the ship, and the left/right click to shoot, your objective is to survive attacks by aiming, shooting, and destroying enemy ships as you advance towards the end of a song (a game duration depends on the song length). Your weapons, shoots, and bullets are connected to the song intensity, but so are your enemies, who will increase in number as the music becomes more powerful. Different types of enemy ships will appear from all sides to bombard you, and some will even chase you around, so in spite of the simple concept, it is a quite challenging game to beat. As you destroy ships you will see some power ups that you can pick to increase the music volume, empower your shoot, and multiply your score.
To load your music tracks or albums, you simply choose 'select track' on the menu, and you will be prompted to a sort of explorer where you can choose your own songs, or use the ones that come with the game. You can prepare a special album for the game with your favorite tracks, and experiment with different rhythms and songs.
The game features impressive visual effects; there are lots of explosions and colors, and in more intense gameplay it becomes a real spectacle. A brilliant game.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Impressive visuals
  • You can use your own music
  • Great, smooth gameplay
  • Simple concept
  • Very entertaining


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